The Butterfly clinic is the axess sexual health clinic for trans and non-binary folk.

The clinic will take place on:

  • Monday 1pm - 6pm at The Beat, Liverpool City Centre (walk-ins available 1pm-4pm)
  • Tuesday 10am - 4pm in our axess Knowsley clinic

For appointments please call: 0300 323 1300. Normal phone opening times apply. Ask for an appointment with the Butterfly clinic.

Contact information:

For more information on the clinic please email butterfly@liverpoolft.nhs.uk or visit @axess_sh on Twitter or Instagram.


  • axess Sexual Health, The Beat, 6 David Lewis Street, Liverpool, L1 4AF (Mondays only)
  • axess Sexual Health Knowsley, 2 Ellison Grove, Huyton, Liverpool, L36 9GA (Tuesdays only)

Our key priorities


We understand the difficulties in discussing the most personal aspects of your life and give absolute reassurance about confidentiality.

Our health records are kept completely separate to other NHS health records, so other services such as your GP will not know you have attended, unless you agree to sharing this information.

We are respectful and non-judgemental

We will never judge you on what you say or do. People are free to make choices about their life and we respect that. We are here to help and advise not to criticise.

Services we offer

  • STI tests - routine screening for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV and Syphilis.
  • If required, a rapid HIV test, which is a finger-prick test that gives a result in 20 minutes.
  • Hepatitis B & C screening.
  • Free condoms and lube.
  • PrEP (pre exposure prophylaxis) - medication given to minimise risk of HIV transmission pre exposure (patients assessed for risk).
  • PEP (post exposure prophylaxis) - medication given to minimise risk of HIV transmission post exposure. This is taken for 4 weeks to reduce your risk of HIV by up to 80%. We offer it up to 72hrs after a risk, but works best if taken straight away.
  • Vaccinations for Hepatitis A & B and HPV.
  • Advice and support about safer sex, drugs, alcohol and general lifestyle.
  • Referral to axess HIV service for those with known (or newly diagnosed) HIV.
  • Cervical Cytology (patients need to be registered with a GP and have received invitation recall letter from screening office).
  • Contraception advice/implementation and management.