Sayana Press

Patient information for self-administration of Sayana Press

This information sheet has been written to give you some useful information about self-administration of Sayana Press.

Sayana Press can be self-administered if you choose. However, this is completely voluntary: it can otherwise be given to you in clinic by the health care professional you see.

If you choose to self-administer, rather than coming to clinic every 12 - 13 weeks, you will only need to come once a year, as you will be given up to 4 injections and a yellow/purple top bin for disposal of the used injectors. This bin is known as a “sharps bin”. The injections are kept at room temperature. It is important to consider if you have a safe place in your home to keep the injections and the sharps box especially if you have young children. You should bring this bin containing the used injectors to your annual review as it needs to be disposed of according to national regulations. It is important that you do not dispose of the used injectors at home in any other manner.

How is Sayana Press given?

It is given by an injection under the skin, into the front of your upper thigh or abdomen (area of your tummy under your belly button) every 12 - 13 weeks.

You must avoid

  • Bony areas or navel (belly button)
  • Areas with scars or other skin conditions

Process for self-administration

If you decide on self-administration your healthcare professional will teach you how to use it and also will show you a video which explains the process.

When you return for your next injection, if you wish to proceed with self-administration, you will give your next injection yourself under the supervision of your healthcare professional. If you both feel confident that you will be able to do this at home you will be given up to 4 injections and a sharps bin.

Prior to your visit it may be helpful to look at the video guide on how to give yourself the injection which can be found on

You will be given a card telling you when your next 3 injections are due. You can also request a text reminder for your next injection, on the Sayana Answers website If you use the service you have will need to set a new reminder after each injection.

If you have any problems/concerns you can either contact us at axess sexual health, attend clinic or visit

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Step 1: Getting ready

  • Choose a suitable area for the subcutaneous (directly under the skin) injection: Abdomen or front upper thigh

Avoid bony areas and the umbilicus (navel).

  • Wipe skin clean with alcohol free pad. Allow skin to dry

Step 2: Preparing the injector:

  • Tear open foil pouch and remove the injector
  • Check the injector: There should be a gap between the end of the needle shield and the port
  • If there is no gap or the needle shield has come off, discard the injector and use a new one

Step 3: Mixing the medicine

  • Hold the injector by the port and shake the injector vigorously for 30 seconds. If there is a delay between mixing the medicine and actually giving it, repeat the mixing procedure.
  • Check the injector. The liquid contents should be white to off-white and even in colour/texture (uniform). There should be no leakage.

Step 4: Activating the injector

  • Hold the injector firmly by the port. Take care not to squeeze the reservoir.
  • Push the needle shield towards the port. Continued to push firmly until you close the gap between the needle shield and the port. The injector is now activated.

Step 5: Injecting the dose

  • Gently grasp and squeeze a large area of skin. Hold the injector by the port and keep it as upright as possible. Insert the needle into the skin so that the needle tip is in the subcutaneous (fatty layer under the skin) tissue and the port just touches the skin.
  • Hold the reservoir firmly between thumb and forefinger and slowly squeeze the reservoir (about 5-7 seconds).
  • It is important that the full dose of medicine is given. Small traces of the white liquid may remain visible inside the edge of the reservoir. This is normal.
  • Dispose of the whole injector in the yellow/purple top sharps bin provided.