axess 4 U (19 and under) Halton

Widnes Clinic, Floor 2

Widnes Health Care Resource Centre
Caldwell Rd

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Tel: 0300 323 1300

Urgent Criteria

If you have any of the below, you can walk in to any clinics.

  1. I have painful genital ulcers and/or need repeat medication. (Herpes)
  2. I need emergency contraception
  3. I have had unprotected sex in the last 72 hours with someone at high risk of HIV and may require PEP
  4. I am currently taking PEP
  5. I am here for syphilis treatment
  6. I have been sexually assaulted
  7. I am 16 or under
  8. I have been diagnosed with an STI via online or another service and require treatment.
  9. I have pain in my testicles
  10. IUD/S Problems: Pain/bleeding/lost threads
  11. Implant Problems:

axess 4 u (young person's clinic, for those aged 19 and under) Opening Times

Services Available:

  • Emergency contraception
  • Contraception
  • STI testing
  • Implant fitting
  • Pregnancy test
  • axess young person's clinic (19 and under)