National Testing Week

National Testing week is taking place 7/02/2022 - 13/02/2022 - leading into Valentine's Day. This is the perfect opportunity for us to encourage testing and treatment during the most romantic time of the year! This year, axess are running an #allyouneedislove? campaign - which highlights that unfortunately, love alone can't protect you from STIs. The aim of our campaign is to encourage safe sex, testing and well as all of the romance!

The axess outreach team have put together a Sexually Transmitted Infections awareness briefing - aimed at both those that work with young people and those with adults. The briefings will be launched as part of our #allyouneedislove? campaign and will discuss everything from the different types of STIs and how they are transmitted, the importance of having conversations around STIs and how to access the relevant treatments. For more information and how to book onto briefing, please click the downloadable link below.

axess x National Testing Week

Love, axess x