Due to the current ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in the UK and the recent announcement asking for people to stay at home, all our services are severely affected. We are restricting face-to-face consultations to essential services only, services are running but you must phone before attending.

Liverpool service - Due to the current severe COVID-19 situation in Liverpool services provided by our Liverpool clinic are severely restricted, please only contact us if you have an urgent sexual health need. For contraception related queries please contact, the Abacus sexual health service via the Abacus triage line on 0151 247 6555

Online services

All axess areas now have access to the full range of online services, including:


We are currently not able to offer walk-in clinics. Please call us to make an appointment and a member of the clinical team will call you back to best assess how we can help you and make you a face-to-face appointment if required. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Facial Coverings

Everyone attending an appointment in one of our services must wear a face covering.

Click here for facial coverings information


For people who were taking part in the IMPACT PrEP study we are continue to supply PrEP, virtually where possible. Please see the PrEP page HERE for more information.

For people living with HIV please see advice here:-

HIV Treatment & Care Services

Clinic locations

All our smaller satellite clinics are not running, we will try to maintain our main clinic hub services as below.

All services will be offering a restricted service for urgent problems only.

Please phone 0300 323 1300 to speak to our team before attending any of our clinics

Liverpool - A restricted appointment only service will be running Monday-Friday - please phone ahead before attending, you cannot enter the Royal Liverpool Hospital building without an appointment - Services severely affected

Knowsley- A restricted appointment only service will be running Monday-Saturday - please phone ahead before attending

Warrington - Please ring 0300 323 1300 (Lines open 9 am to 1 pm) and you will be triaged to an appropriate service / appointment

Halton - Appointment only - please phone ahead before attending (Lines open 9 am to 1 pm)

Widnes - Please contact Halton service to arrange appointments.

Crewe - Telephone appointments available, if after your telephone appointment you need to be seen at clinic we will arrange a time for you to attend.

Macclesfield - Telephone appointments available, if after your telephone appointment you need to be seen at clinic we will arrange a time for you to attend.

If you need EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION you can now get this online from our digital partnersSH:24. Alternatively, please use our service finder to locate a pharmacy near you that can provide this:-

PLEASE, PLEASE, Stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms

Stay at home for 7 days if you have either:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • loss of sense of smell/taste

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy, hospital or attend the clinic.

see for further NHS COVID-19 information

Advice for Woman seeking contraception during COVID-19

Advice for Woman seeking contraception during COVID-19

What should I do if my IUD / IUS (coil) or Implant is due for changing & I can’t get an appointment during the COVID 19 crisis?

This is a summary of a guidance produced by the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists on 20th March 2020

There is no evidence that leaving an IUD, IUS or Implant in for longer than its licence is harmful. Most methods can be used for longer than their licence, with a very small risk of pregnancy. If you are worried, please use additional precautions.

IUS (hormone coil) for contraception:

Mirena or Levosert

can be left for up to 6 years regardless of how old you were when it was inserted. After this, use additional precautions

if you were aged 45 or over when you Mirena / Levosert was inserted, it can be left until you are post-menopausal or aged 55 with no need for additional precautions.

Jaydess - additional precautions required after 3 years

Kyleena - additional precautions required after 5 years

IUS for heavy periods

Your device can stay in place for as long as it is controlling your bleeding. There is no need to have it replaced unless your bleeding returns.

If you have a sudden change in your bleeding pattern, you may need further investigation before it is changed; please contact your surgery for advice.

Mirena for HRT

Can be used for 5 years without replacing

After 5 years, a combined HRT preparation should be used until the device can be replaced.

IUD (copper coil)

If you were aged 40 or over at insertion:

ANY copper IUD can be retained until after the menopause (2 years after your last period if you were under 50 when you had your last period, or 1 year after your last period if you were 50 or older when you had your last period).

It doesn’t matter whether it is a 5 or 10 year device.

If you were aged under 40 at insertion:

10 year devices can be left for 12 years, you should use additional precautions after this time

5 year devices - additional precautions required after 5 years

10 year devices in the UK are: TSafe380A, TSafe380QL, TT380Slimline

All other UK devices have a 5 year licence, including the Nova T 380, Mini TT380 Slimline & GyneFix

If you are not certain whether it is a 5 or 10 year device, please contact whoever inserted it, or if this is not possible, err on the side of caution and use extra precautions after 5 years.

Nexplanon Implant

Can be left for 4 years.

If you need to arrange additional contraception, please contact us and we will arrange a telephone appointment with you to discuss your needs.

Please note that we do not provide the IUS for heavy periods or HRT purposes.